Tips For Relic Seekers

Buying metal detector online and seeking relics are an exciting and popular hobby. Here are some hints to find relics.

Roads And The Modern Detectorist
best-metal-detector-reviewsThe obvious is sometimes more obvious than it seems. While out looking for a new site, I have found it easier to carry an old map with me and locate landmarks to old homes. I discovered things have changed over the last 200 years. Trees and bushes are in the way that weren’t there 200 years ago.

By the way, do any of you all know how and when roads were built? We are speaking about modern day roads, not wagon roads. If you need to find this information, go to your local Department of Transportation. They have maps showing where roads — both wagon roads and modern-day roads – once were and are now, and any changes one to the modern roads. You would be surprised what you can find that is truly out there when you search these old maps. Some people out here would destroy every inch of land to put a parking lot, road, and driveway.

Leave The Rocks For Last
I seem to think that majority of detectorist scrub their coils on the ground. This is a common procedure here in Georgia as well. This will cause false signaling when you run into large rocks. I have discovered that, with some simple thought, if you save those rocky areas for last, and do the grass areas first, you will find your hearing to be more finely tuned. Your detector will give off those false signals, and you will fly through those bad places quickly

Also, on this note, you will find your finds will be significantly increased. Searching in the woods , which I do a lot of; I have found sticks and thickets, which most deer hunters never go through. This is a excellent way to take in nature as well, you will find things that you would not expect to find had you not been looking in those areas.

Look To The Trees
Relic hunting is not much different than coin searching, other than the size of what you are looking for. Down here in the South — especially in Georgia — there were some 240,000 men on either side battling for what they believed in. This increases your chances of finding artifacts they lost.

One of the ways I have found to locate more relics is to take my detector near to some of those trees, especially those with their roots sticking high above the ground. This offers a huge chance to find those bullets and cannonballs which trees have grown over. Also, listen especially to those weak signals, which are the key to success.

Buying metal detector online can be very rewarding if you search in the right places. Read my best metal detector reviews now