About Us

The life of a student is always difficult, which we know very well. Every member of our team has undergone it too. Every essay helper you’ll meet here used to be a diligent student who encountered different complexities of college life. 

Some of them had financial needs, some suffered sleep deprivation, some sacrificed their health for the best marks… And some never had time for friendship and romance that we usually see in movies and games about college life. And all these problems multiplied with constant anxiety caused by tons of assignments. Of course, not all students live like that. But still, some circumstances force us to ignore college assignments. It can be a job, extra classes, additional courses, unfortunate occasions, whatever. 

When your schedule says you have to get up at 7 AM and can go to bed at 11:30 PM or even later, you start functioning like a machine. But students are not robots to work without rest, and they are not wizards to distort time and be everywhere at once. And they can’t know how to write the best essay from the very start of their college life. 

Our founders gathered the best essay assistants to solve any academic problem and give you time for anything you need. This platform exists to connect students and the best helpers who are professionals in their fields. Thus, our essay assistants can help anyone find out how to write the best academic papers. Your essay will be the template for any other student and sometimes even professors as you’ll get assistance from real mentors. 

Why are those assistants even here, you ask? Because they needed the same help. And now they provide it, so you can achieve your goals.