What We Guarantee?

Your satisfaction with our services is of paramount importance to us. This is why we ensure a list of things to make your experience the best possible. So, whenever you ask for our help, you can expect that: 

1. Your paper will always be unique as you are

We work with the personalized approach as we understand the significance of the uniqueness of every paper. Of course, you may ask us to edit the text material with your original penmanship. But if the situation demands writing a new paper, then be sure that it won’t have any copied content. We’ll write it from scratch around your main idea or thesis. And Turnitin will “see” this text for the first time. 

We understand your concerns, so we’ll give you proof of your paper being unique. Just ask us if you need a report, and we’ll attach it to your order. It doesn’t matter which paper you order — they all go through this check.

2. Texts are of high quality every time

We won’t go beyond your expectations only if they are already the best. And if you anticipate a flawless paper, we’ll meet your vision of it precisely. 

Not like we’re challengers, yet, we never get scared of the most complex tasks. Our experience shows that students usually expect something plain and simple. They are waiting for something just to fill the gap they were struggling to get rid of. And we’re always glad to hear back from students that our work exceeded their expectations. 

Thus, your paper will always be: 

  • eloquent; 
  • literate; 
  • well-structured;
  • consistent; 
  • logical; 
  • meaningful;
  • and unique even if your classmates have the same paper to write. 

3. Your assistant will be extremely attentive to your every requirement and desire

We’ll always work as you want us to work. Do you have basic instructions you don’t know how to narrow? Never mind, your assistant will deal with this problem. Do you have, vice versa, a ton of directives and commands for us? It’s great, we know how to make the best of them. And actually, the more instructions we have, the better. That means our plan will be strict and clear, and your paper will turn out a masterpiece.

4. You can ask for revisions multiple times

Never accept the product you paid for if it’s even a bit worse than you expected. According to our Terms of Use, you can ask for 3 revisions, and they will be free. You have to get what you paid for. So, don’t be shy to point out issues you notice. In such rare cases, we accumulate the maximum of our power to make any text fit your vision.

5. Your data is always safe

We’ve tried different tools for data protection. None of them failed but we can never be too cautious. Your anonymity and data safety is of the highest significance to us. Thus, we spend tons of resources to keep our security system up-to-date and never let a leak happen. 

Every piece of information we get from you becomes encoded and unavailable for anyone in our team. For instance, even your writer won’t know any mere fact about you. They are not getting any access to your data and they don’t need it to help you. 

If you have any concerns and decide that you want to “vanish” from our database, then ask the support for that. We can delete your information any second.

6. You’ll get your paper in time

If we have full instructions and the proof of payment, then we’ll start working instantly. Your paper will appear in your email right on time or even earlier. But please note that we need full information to commence writing your best paper! So, if there is a possibility, do not delay sending any part of instructions and/or payment proof. The process of creation and deadline consideration starts only after you show us that the payment is successful.

7. You’ll have all-around convenience

Every client is a VIP for us, and we make sure every student feels comfortable while using our website. 

Text, call, DM us anytime. Is it 3 AM? We’re on the line. Is it Saturday 9 PM? At least 10 operators will answer you in a second after you contact them. Do you need an update on your paper? Ask for it and get it instantly. 

Even when we’re unrealistically busy, we won’t make you wait longer than 5 minutes. On average, we respond in 42 seconds but usually, it’s even less.

8. Our help is legit

Our assistance is licit and we can prove it. We encourage every client to learn all the peculiarities of our functioning by reading our documents. We are not investing in any form of plagiarism and we never accept unlawful behavior. 

Our main goal is to make your college experience amazing. We hope that when you get older, you’ll recall this time with a beaming smile. We exist to make students happy, and we have legal grounds for that.