Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Custom Essay Writing Service! We never underestimate the significance of privacy. We recommend reading our Privacy Policy carefully to know all the peculiarities of its conditions.

Purposes We Need Your Personal Data For 

We need basic information to impart adequacy and efficiency of the service functioning. Thus, you may be asked to place: 

  • your name;
  • your email; 
  • the password of the account;
  • your current phone number.

These facts are obligatory so we can fulfill our obligations. 

We gather and put it under processing according to the law. We need your personal data only for juristically documented purposes, which are: 

  • to provide the services you ask for;
  • to present our content and information effectively; 
  • to establish direct communication with no need of mediators; 
  • to notify about updates of high significance on our platform; 
  • to respond to inquiries/complaints addressed by you if it’s about our platform;
  • to organize surveys; 
  • to make effective offers and recommendations to users and clients who may have an interest in them. 

The tasks we guarantee to do are in: 

  • protecting everyone from frauds, and, overall, for successful and productive fraud detection; 
  • protecting every (active or temporarily inactive) account from information leaks and plausible blackmail by hackers/crackers; 
  • providing high-quality support anytime. 

Your Unforced Consent Is Important 

We’re not collecting your personal data if there is no freewill consent of yours. We will ask you for consent but you can cancel it anytime by turning to our support. Then we will immediately stop handling your data. 

If you do not let us process your personal data while we are managing our website, then the website might become inaccessible for you. 

Your Rights 

We might ask you to verify your identity. As a data subject, you are always able to: 

  • access your information whenever regarding any plausible purposes. You can obtain all the data about you that we’ve already gathered and put under processing. Getting further copies of this data may require a fee. 
  • reformate your data. If you’ve given us the wrong information or you decided to complete it or alter it, you can request rectification anytime. 
  • erasure (= becoming forgotten). Several cases may make you want to erase everything you’ve given out. For instance: 
  • if you withdraw the consent that you’ve given us so we can gather, operate, and store your data (on legal grounds only); 
  • you’ve got objections to operating your data for marketing; 
  • your data was gathered and put under processing without legal grounds; 
  • when it’s the personal data of children. 
  • restrict the processing of any piece of information; 
  • request data correction if automated processing occurred. For instance, when there was a program which automatically decided something for you; 
  • data portability. You can get everything back if you’ve given us any piece of information in a machine-readable format. We can still store the data in another base that we control.

If you want to request operations with your personal data, please contact our support. 


If there are any concerns about us collecting and processing your personal data, you have the right to form a complaint. In this case, turn to the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection.


Our website and services are not for children (under 16 years old). If you are under 16 years old, please close our website. Do not learn its information, do not leave any information on it, and do not place any orders. 

We have no direct intentions in collecting and processing any data of children.

If we detect any information about children (name, address, phone number, etc.), we delete it instantly. In case you have concerns or detected personal data of children under 16 years old, please contact us directly for immediate removal. 

Final Provisions 

We update and put our security system under test systematically. 

Employees of our platform never read, approach, copy or operate your personal data as they do not need it to provide you with our services. Also, every employee undergoes training about the significance of confidentiality of our customers. 

No actants of the agreement (not you, nor us) should be bound by extra rules that are not documented in our Privacy Policy. 

If we alter our Privacy Policy, we’ll notify you and other customers on our website. 

Contacting Us 

We appreciate all your questions and value your concerns. Thus, every customer, current or potential, is welcomed to contact us and tell us their requests. 

Email: [email protected]