Fair Use Policy

Welcome to the Custom Essay Writing Service’s Fair Use Policy page! This document exists to answer all the questions on how to use the products you order from us. We strongly recommend reading this paper as it’s your instrument to clarify the use of our services. 

Any material you order here falls under the definition of text written by a copywriter. That means, we can conduct any research and write a paper in any format. These written products are protected by copywriting laws. 

If you decide to use the exemplary material you got from us, you have to do the citations properly. We don’t have any responsibility if our customer uses this material unethically or unlawfully. We provide only templates that are not to be submitted in any educational institution. 

We do not guarantee specific results of estimation because the product is created only for personal use. Thus, we do not conduct refunds if our customers submitted the product and got a mark they didn’t expect. 

Only the purchaser of our products is accountable for any disciplinary actions. If our customer submits the product as it is, we’re not responsible for any form of punishment from losses of scholarships up to legal proceedings. 

Also, we have no responsibility for being late with delivery if there are technical problems that are not under our control. For instance, if there is a system failure caused by a customer’s Internet Provider. 

We are against any form of plagiarism. Our products are protected by intellectual property law. That means, our customers should not claim authorship or write their names on any product. 

We are not responsible if any customer violates the law and contributes to plagiarism. Consequently, every customer automatically agrees that every product they get will serve as a template for their work on other academic papers.